• Zoetis customers demand high-quality animal health products. We recognize that part of meeting these expectations is understanding the very real connection between animals and people.

We need healthy animals for a wholesome food supply.
We need wholesome foods for a healthy public.

  • Zoetis strives to make sure our products are used in ways that protect both animal and human health, while meeting the strict food safety standards of our government oversight agencies.
  • Antibiotics are life-saving resources for both humans and animals. Through responsible use of antibiotics, we all can help maintain the effectiveness of these important resources.
  • Zoetis defines responsible use of antibiotics in animals as:
  • administering the medicine under the guidance of a veterinarian
  • following the directions on the approved product label
  • using only the amount needed to treat the problem
  • This website is intended to highlight Zoetis programs and tools. Some information is technical in nature, while other information addresses common questions and concerns of consumers. Our goal is to raise awareness and knowledge while promoting productive dialogue.