Alphamune G is a granular feed ingredient prebiotic that contains a unique combination of ß-glucans and mannans that stimulates the immune system and has the potential to limit the impact of Salmonella spp. and E. coli infection. Alphamune enhances the intestinal health of your birds, providing the foundation for optimal output.

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    • β-glucans have been proven to enhance the immune system.
    • Mannans have a prebiotic effect by binding to intestinal bacterial pathogens and also act as a substrate to beneficial lactobacilli, thus improving the intestinal flora.
    • A feed ingredient mixed with finished feed. Alphamune G is manufactured with a unique High-shear Granulation Technique which makes it easy-flowable and thoroughly mixable into finished feeds.
    • 500 g per tonne of finished feed.
  • ·         For use in animal feed only.