50 µg/ml, solution for injection for cattle


Acegon is Gonadorelin acetate, is a synthetic gonadorelin (“Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone” GnRH) physiologically and chemically identical to the natural gonadorelin released by the hypothalamus in mammalian species.


•Treatment of ovarian follicular cysts: 100-150 µg of gonadorelin (as acetate) per animal (i.e. 2- 3 ml of the product per animal). If necessary, treatment can be repeated at intervals of 1-2 weeks.

•In association with artificial insemination to optimize the time of ovulation, improving the chances that the treated cow will become fertile: 100 µg of gonadorelin (as acetate) per animal (i.e. 2 ml of the product per animal). It must be administered at the same time as artificial insemination and/or 12 days after this.

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  • •Available form of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).

    •Treatment of anestrous cows helps increase number of cows bred.

    •Helps prepare cows for insemination for better utilization of AI genetics.

  • Acegon presented in Package of 6X10 ml and package 1X20 ml