Dermisol Cream

Horse, Cattle, Dog & Cat Wound Cream x 100 gm Tube


Dermisol Cream may be used to encourage healing in horses, cattle, dogs and cats particularly w hen this process is impaired by

the presence of necrotic tissue, coagulum, debris or w ax. This may occur in cases of traumatic injury, surgical w ounds,

infected w ounds and otitis externa.

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    Dermisol Cream is a w hite cream for topical application. The product is prepared from the follow ing active ingredients:

    Propylene Glycol 1.750% v/v

    Malic acid 0.375% w /v

    Benzoic Acid 0.025% w /v

    Salicylic Acid 0.006% w /v

  • Dermisol Cream aids healing by removing dead and necrotic tissue from affected areas.

    This is achieved by differential sw elling of necrotic and healthy tissues leading to separation of the devitalised areas and

    embedded debris.

  • Dermisol Cream is for topical use only. Dermisol Cream should be applied tw ice daily although more frequent applications may be made if necessary.


    The cream should be spread liberally on to w ound surfaces and before each new application it is advisable to wash the area w ith Dermisol Multicleanse Solution so that loose slough and cream from the previous application are removed without raising the pH.

    Otitis externa:

    In cases of otitis externa, ears should be cleaned w ith Dermisol Multicleanse Solution prior to the introduction of Dermisol Cream into the external auditory canal.

  • For external use only. For topical use only Care should be taken to avoid contact w ith the eyes because of the low pH and a possible irritant effect. If contact occurs, rinse w ith clean, fresh w ater. May cause skin irritation. It is recommended that gloves be worn when handling the product if you have sensitive skin. Wash hands after use.

    When used for treating udder lesions in cattle, the udder and the teats should be w ashed immediately before the next milking.

    Do not use in conjunction w ith other products, e.g. teat dips, udder disinfectants, etc. as these w ill almost certainly neutralise and reduce the effectiveness of Dermisol.

    Do not use in the treatment of otitis externa in animals w ith a ruptured ear drum.

    Withdrawal periods:

    Cattle: meat - zero days. -- milk - zero hours.

    Horses: meat - zero days.

  • Do not store above 25°C.

    Prolonged contact w ith metal surfaces is inadvisable.

    Keep out of the reach of children. For animal treatment only. Dispose of empty packaging and any remaining product in the household or farm refuse.

  • Dermisol aids the removal of dead tissue and any embedded debris by causing maximum differential sw elling betw een live and dead areas.

    This is achieved in two ways:

    The low pH causes separation of collagen molecules by rupturing the hydrogen bonding. The optimum pH to achieve this effect is between pH 2 and pH 3.

    The organic acid reacts w ith carboxyl and amino groups in the collagen. The insertion of the organic acid forces the collagen chains apart.

    In both cases the devitalised tissues absorb w ater and sw ell markedly.

    Healthy tissue is unaffected because of natural barriers to organic acids and sufficient buffering capacity to maintain a near neutral pH.